Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Toledo, Spain

South of Madrid is the city of Toledo which at one time was the capitol city of Spain and is today a UNESCO site and the current capitol of the Province of  Toledo.
Getting here from Madrid is easy, and once you get off the train you can hop on a bus or a tourist style bus, for the first time I tired the hop on hop off tourist style bus.
 So, the hop-on-hop-off bus is really convenient.  Not only is it timed to be at the train station when you arrive in Toledo but it takes you on a tour around the city before dropping you off in the city center.  And for 9 euro, you get little headphones that allow you to listen to audio about the city and music.  BUT, I never felt so lazy in my life, during the tour around the outside of the city the bus would stop and allow you to take photos.  But you did not even have to get off the bus or standup to enjoy the view.  For this super lazy experience, make sure you get a seat on the right side of the bus in Toledo.
 From the bus you get a great view of the Bajada San Martin Bridge over the River Tajo...  but you can't walk across the bridge.
 It's kind of amazing the bus driver could navigate this thing though the city center.
 I'm not sure if this happens every Saturday afternoon but today a religious precession was working it's way though the city.   Although the parade was nice, the number of people participating in the parade made it impossilbe to pass through here, so I took a different route.
 These floats look really heavy, about 14 people was needed to move them around.
 If you look up Toledo, Ohio on Wikipedia, it not clear where that city got it's name from.  But after seeing the street name Toledo Ohio... I'm going to call it, Toledo is named after this city, someone please update Wikipedia.
 All through out the city are narrow alley ways between buildings that connect different parts of the city together.  You can get a map of Toledo at Madrid station but using the map within the city center is difficult.
 This was kind of a weird statue of Mary, the dress is kind of scary.
 The city is full of beautiful churches and a mosque, but within the city everything is so close together that it's difficult to take photos.
 My spanish is not great, but I think the name of this street is stick man.
 In the main square of the city was this group of people dancing.  I could not tell if they were Spanish people or tour group who's guide was stuck in the 1970s.