Saturday, June 29, 2013

Alberobello, Italy

Alberobello is a small town outside Bari famous for Trulli or these funny looking stone huts.
Turns out this is also a UNESCO world heritage site, something I did not realize when I was visiting, they could have better advertised that.
 Most of these buildings are stores, restaurants or little one room apartments.  Somewhere in this mess of buildings are a few hotels, so you can stay in one if you want.
 This is a view from across the street, you can look out over the concentration of Trulli.  I guess there is over a thousand and many more out in the country side.  As you drive up on Alberobello, you see these in all the fields.
 I want to watch them trimming these trees, it's squared off so perfectly.
 This is the old church in the center of Alberobello.  I think this church setup a stage in the main plaza a few blocks from the church, preparing for an outdoor mass.
 But since the stage is a few blocks from the church, the priest and many others need to have a little parade to get there.
 Can't forget Blessed Virgin Mary.
 The parade was quite long, had a marching band and everything.  You can see me in the tuba, orange shirt.
 This was the priest approaching the alter (stage).  I did not stick around to watch mass though, it's usually in Italian.
 One last look, this is about a 40 minute drive from Taranto.

History of Television Antennas

You can walk up this stair case in old town Taranto and see out over the old city.
Other than the roof line, you really can't see that much.  But you can see what I think is every revision of television antenna over time.  I like how the RF antenna's point in one direction and the sat-dishs point in the opposite.

Street Performers

In Taranto, when the sun goes down the Street Performers come out. 
 The funny thing is, Tanrato and especially the old town of Taranto is not so popular place for tourist to visit. I have the feeling that most people watching are locals who heard some noise and came outside of  their apartments.
 The performers are actually really good, juggling, juggling with fire, making and climbing on towers of chairs and other typical street stuff.
 The fire juggling was kind of crazy, the line between performer and audience was not clear, everyone keep getting closer and closer.
 Great show, this was the central plaza outside the main church in the old town of Taranto.
 He got 4 chairs high.
 That guy had the best view of the show, he should of charged or vended a few local Birra Raffo.
 As the show ended, most of the street performers stood up and lit this place up!
 After the show, my route back to the hotel was through the center of old town, lit by these modified old school lamps.