Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Villa Castelli

From central Grottaglie, about 6 roads radiate out to somewhere else, and one of these roads is route SP24 to Villa Castelli, a very small town about 6km away.  I'm trying to ride my bike more often around southern Italy and decided to visit V. Castelli.  Between Grottaglie and V. Castelli is the boarder between the province of Taranto and Brindisi.
 V. Cast is a very small town and as you enter one of the first buildings you notice is this one.  I think it's a house or maybe a ristorante.
 This is the main square, it's so quiet Sunday, early afternoon
 Behind the main square is this ledge looking over the valley, I had to bike up from the low lands in the background.  Biking home was almost no work, mostly downhill.
 To the east of the main square is another monument, you need to cross a bridge over a valley to get here.
 Opposite the main square is a road that leads to the main church.
 Church is called Chiesa Di San Vincenzo De' Paoli, built in 1898, so it's kind of new.
 The road between the square and church is also very quite, very relaxing afternoon.
 Domes of churches in Southern Italy are very beautiful, great tile work.