Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Grottaglie Carnaval

I accidentally found the carnaval (carnival) parade in Grottaglie, I was walking from my apartment to the local supermercado when I noticed a festival a few blocks down the street.  By the time I finished shopping for groceries, what I thought was a stationary festival was actually a parade passing out front of Dok (the mercado).
 I watch the entire parade pass by the grocery store before returning to my apartment to drop off food and grab my camera.
 But by the time I got to where the parade finished, the event was over and everyone was packing up to return home.  Everyone one kept moving around, so it was kind of difficult to take a photo, that's why I had to go B&W with these.
 At this point in the evening, only one snack car remained at the festival, it too was shutting down.
Here is a video of the parade:
Carnival has been all over Italy for the past few weeks.  Sadly, it all ends tonight with Fat Tuesday!