Sunday, March 23, 2014

Antonov AN-124 Departure

I have a good view of the Grottaglie airfield, TAR, from the roof of my apartment.  This past Saturday my BBQ was interrupted by the departure of an Antonov AN-124, one of the largest commercial cargo planes in service today.
 The airport is a single runway without a taxi-way.
 This plane is using runway 17, from where it parks, these planes need to taxi to the end of the runway and turn around on the runway before departing.
 This plane has a really slow roll-out.
 And it's off.
 After departing, these planes usually fly out and over a city called Monteparano before turning left.
 And when the planes turn left, they kind of fly back over Grottaglie and my apartment.
 It's kind of like an air-show.