Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Russell Square Station

When I made my first visit to London a few years ago I did not bother to use the underground, I just walked all over the place.  This past St. Patrick's day weekend I made my second visit to the city I decided to use the tube, it was my first experience in this subway system.  I was planning to walk from Kings Cross to Leicester Square, but the distance between these two locations was longer than I anticipated, luckily, I randomly walked up on Russell Square Station.
 When you enter this station, you can get a ticket from a machine, pass through the wicket and follow the sign that says 'stairs to platform'.   The problem is that the sign does not mention that there are 175 steps on a spiral staircase to the platform that no one actually uses, it's better to use the lift.  They made an announcement over the PA about one third into my trip down the stair case.
 Midway down the stair case is a platform with a help button.  It's a help point.
 The platform is small but all over was good signage, old school tile work.
 Trains are also small, I could stand up in the center but needed to 'duck' when I exited the train.
 It's really amazing, these trains leaving the platform does look like a movie.
The trip from Russell Square to Leicester Square is fairly quick, I think it was 4 or 5 stations away.
Leicester has a nice escalator, everyone heading down into the underground was coming or going to a St. Patrick's party.  It was very noisy in the tube today.
 So many Guinness hats you might think this is the Dublin underground.
 It was totally bonkers above ground.  I wanted to visit a few clothing shops, but by the time I got here everything was closed.
I was able to find a good Mexican restaurant for dinner though.. If you are ever in London and craving Mexican, check out Cantina Laredo!