Monday, March 10, 2014

Madrid Atocha Station Turtles

Madrid's main train station is located in the south-southeast corner of the city and it's a really cool station that is well connected with all of Spain and probably France.  I made a trip to Madrid this past weekend, but before I post about that, check out this train station.  Atocha station has one thing all main train stations around the world needs, a pool full of turtles.
 If you read the wikipedia page about Atocha station you would have no idea 100's of turtles live here, but they do.
 And it's fun, kind of something relaxing to look at while waiting for your train.
 I get the idea all the turtles are out of the water not for the sake of sunning but just trying to avoid the green water.  Someone needs to flush this pond with water minus the green stuff.  I'm sure the turtles would enjoy the opportunity to chill in non-tocix water.
 The rest of the station is nice too.  This is the terminus for many high-speed rail line though out Spain.
 Tickets are easy to get too... you can print your ticket at home and they scan it as you board the train.  This 33 minute train ride to Toledo cost about 11 euro... good price!
 Spain does have tight security for it's rail network, you need to scan your luggage before entering the platform.
The train on the left is kind of goofy looking.