Saturday, December 20, 2014


Venezia is unique, most cities have similar features  but as soon as roads are replaced with water similarties go out the window.
When I took this photo I assumed Pinocchio was from Venice but I did a little research and it turns out he is from Firenze.  This window display is kind of misleading.
 No roads, all over are canals with foot bridges.
 And of course there are gondolas all over, but I think these was mostly a taxi service for tourist.  I don't think I saw a local taking a trip on one of these things, I joined the locals.
 The Piazza San Marco is an amazing space.  You walk down a small walk way and turn a corner to enter this area and when you do it really takes your breath away.
 Looking south-ish from Piazza San Marco.
Gondola parking, along the water front of the Piazza.
 A lamp in Piazza San Marco.
 This is the main water way that cuts through the center of the main island.  It's really busy in the morning, boats making deliveries all over.
 The water taxi is a more practical way to get around.
 Not far from Venezia Island is the Island of Monroe, this area is famous for glass making.
 Italian Pigeon.
 An old church in centro Venezia.
Looking east along the Rio di Sant'Alvise.