Saturday, November 15, 2014


Bologna is a city in northern Italy.   Because of my plan to visit San Marino most of my time in Bologna was after sunset but I did make an effort to wake up early Sunday morning and had a few hours to see the city before returning to the South. Here is the two towers, the short one is The Leaning Tower of Bologna.
This clock was in the centro Piazza Maggiore.
 A statue of a horse wrestling with man.
 The sign say central station over to the right but for sure central station was in the opposite direction.  This really confused me.
 This was the rail area of Bologna, it was actually a confusing area.
 Qsteria La Matta, or crazy women, good place for dinner in Bologna.  This is not far from the central station.
 Sunday morning I found time to walk around centro Bologna.
 Lots of art everywhere.
 Very old fresco of Jesus.
 A small church in centro Bologna.
 The leaning tower of Bologna seems to be more fun than Pisa.
 Me infront of the tower, I did not bother to take a photo of me trying to prop up the tower.
 The two towers are in a small square, it's difficult to backup far enough to get a good photo of these things.
 The leaning is more aggressive compared to the Pisa tower.
 you can see the pin at the base of the tower, in the ground that keeps this tower from toppling over.
 One last view as walking away from the tower and towards Piazza Maggiore.
 Fountain of Neptune. This is more or less the original fountain.
 This is the Operation Safe Streets or Operazione Strade Sicure... keeping the streets safe but I can't tell how official they are.
 This is  Franklin D. Roosevelt Piazza.
 Kind of boring, just a car park,  but none the less,  Franklin D. Roosevelt Pizza.  Europe seem to really like old school American Presidents.
 When ever there is nice weather, people set up shop on the street.   Stop traffic and sell coffee.
 One last view of Bologna, time to rush to the airport.