Sunday, June 15, 2014


All over Europe are amazing churches and I have visited many of them, so when I visited Vienna I decided I would try to visit other places and not focus so much on Cathedrals.  But ultimately I went on a church-crawl... But before visiting churches I needed to figure out how to use Vienna's trams and mass transit.
 This trams are old and old school.  These are about as old as the trams that would be in Detroit today if they were not all sent to Mexico city.
 The first site I visited was Maria-Theresien-Platz, kind of a large public square.
Next to this square if the famous unsthistorisches Museum but I did not visit the museum inside this building.  
 Theseus Temple is an old neo-classic building built in the early 1800's, it use to house a statue but today it is a rolling art show.
This is the current art show, bunch of little ceramic cups.
 And not far from the temple is the Katholisches Pfarramt Votivkirche or the Votive Church.  This is now my most favorite church in Europe, they are not so serious and have lots of fun things on display.
 This church of course has wonderful stain glass.
 This is the stain glass leading up to the museum.
 This is the top of the stair case at the entrance of the museum.  You are not allowed to take photos in the museum but the museum contains the Antwerpener Alter from the 1400's.  Amazingly there are very few photos of this alter on the internet, now I wish I would have sneaked a photo.
 The church had a spot where you could kneel down and pray to a Japanese anime cartoon or a statue, it's no problem at Votive.
More stain glass within the church.
 This church also had an art-piece of mirrors.
Outside the church is the Sigmund Freud part, BC part is near SF part and of course no fun, all you are allowed to do is throw away your garbage.
 Old school trams.
 I wish I could read what the white text next to the plaque says.
 But I was able to piece together what the plaque says, 'in memoriam to the here during the Nazi era for political reasons executed women and men'
 So far, #1 Mexican food in Europe is in Frankfort, just google Chipotle. But for sure #2 Mexican restaurant in Europe is Los Mexikas... But unlike most Mexican restaurants around the globe you need to make reservations for Los Mexikas or arrive exactly when they open.  Dear Los Mexikas, please drop the need for reservations, please calm down.
 The second church I visited was St. Stephen's Cathedral.
 This church was a little more serious.
Again, this church interior was amazing.
But between the area where you sit and attend church behind the pews was a gate, this was the first time I saw something like this, but this date did help to keep me away from the Alter.
 Central Vienna has drinking water.
 It was not super hot outside but there was a constant line for water.
Italian car.
 The last church I visited was St. Peter's Church, again amazing structure.
 The main priest of this church was at the front door meeting guest.  I did not get his name but there was photos of him with the pope in the entrance area of the church.
 If you are in Vienna, it's worth making an effort to visit St. Peter's Church.
 It's not far from St. Stephen's Cathedral.  It's always difficult to take a photo of a large building in a small outside square.
 The gate of Hofburg Palace, this opens up into a piazza.
 Vienna mini copy of Rome's Trevi Fountain... nice try.
 Vienna also had a nice bird house area, this was not far from a fairly good American style Chinese restaurant called Sternzeichen near Rochusgasse station.