Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sopron, Hungry

Most first visits to Hungry is to the city of Budapest, but I was not far from the border city of Sopron so I went here first.
Slovakia welcomes you to Slovakia, Hungry welcomes you to Sopron.
 'Centrum' or the city center is very small in the city of Sopron, it's not difficult to find the main square.  Just outside the piazza is the clock tower called the Firewatch Tower... Built in the 12th century.
 You can walk up to the observation deck of the Firewatch Tower and it's worth the effort.  But you need 1200 Hungarian dollars for the ticket, if you have just Euros like I did you need to go find a ATM.  These are the pendulum weighs for the clock in the tower.
 Stairs never end.
But once you reach the observation deck, the view is amazing and relaxing.  Looks like a cartoon.
 After visiting the tower I walked south down the street called Uj Utca, on this street was a  recycling festival.
 For example, it is cool to convert a garbage bin into a couch.
Also along this street is an old Synagogue with a museum.
 Lots going on, ECO and Synagogue.
 The museum is very nice, this was my first visit to a Synagogue I think.  It explains the history of Jewish people in Sopron as well as Soprons place in larger Europe.
 Right outside the Synagogue another famous Church called Orsolyita.
 This is the plaza outside of the Church.
Train station stain glass window.  This looks like it was made in the 70's.
I wanted to take the 2:40pm train back to Vienna, but when I arrived at the station I quickly learned that this train was canceled.  I had to wait one more hour for the 3:38 direct train to Vienna.  I went for another walk, here is a Hungarian post box! I did manage to find my way back, but the direct train to Vienna that leaves 38 minutes past the hour has construction on parts of it's tracks.  Half way into your trip you need to exit the train and take a bus to another train on the other side of the construction.  I recommend taking the route backwards to Vienna that you took to get to Sopron.  If you use google maps to determine the best route, google maps is not aware of the bus thing. It's best to pass through and transfer at Wiener Neustadt station.  This is the situation at least for now.