Tuesday, June 3, 2014


This past weekend I visited Vienna but before going I noticed that the country of Slovakia and Hungry were not far from Vienna.  Did a little research and decided to visit Bratislava and Sopron as day trips from Vienna, the first day trip was Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia.  The train I took from Vienna had a short 10 minute layover at Bratislava-Lamac station.  I know that I would need to transfer here but I thought it would be to a bus, but luckily it was to another train direct to central.

WELCOME TO SLOVAKIA, up until last week I was not planning on ever seeing this sign!
 First things first, I took a bus from the train station with the intention of getting off at central, but I missed that target and ended up at a park-and-ride that was located next to a large shopping mall on the opposite side of central. I had to exit the bus, pass under a bridge and travel back to central, pass back under the UFO.
 Found it, central Bratislava.
 I like this statue, its of a man at work.
 Central Bratislava is small and easy to get around.
 Central even had a small market, I looked around and determined I did not really need anything.
 Another view of centro.
 For a long time I did not have a map of central but if you walk around enough you will find directions to the information office.  You can get a free map at the office and some basic information about were to visit.
 The 15 meters sign to Budweiser is funny because Budweiser beer is not American.  The Budweiser brand is a domestic Czech beer, Budweiser US was second to use this name.  So as a compromise, US Budweiser in Europe is called Bud and beer called Budweiser in Europe is the original Czech beer.  Either way, if you are in Slovakia, Bud/Budweiser is an export.  But Budweiser beer consumed within countries near Czech Republic is as good or better than Bud beer in the US.  It was explain to me that Budweiser is not stable enough to export long distances from Prague.
 The interior of St. Martin's church, it's very nice.
 The church in the middle of the photo is the exterior view of St. Martin's, this is the view form top of the hill of where the castle is located.
 Castle main gate.
 The flag of Slovakia, atop the Bratislava castle.  I had to walk up a bunch of stairs to see this view.
 This is outside the castle, this structure is not so old, I think it was recently rebuild (< 100 years old)
This is a memorial for Russian solders who liberated this city during WW2.  
 It's located on top of the highest hill within the city limits but worth the visit, it's kind of a relaxing quiet place to visit.
 Me with Slovakia in the background.