Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Loyalty Box, Austria

This is amazing, newspaper boxes in Austria are nothing more than plastic envelopes with a secure coin box (secure as in it's locked and usually bolted to something, like a sign post).
 These paper boxes are all over the place too, shown here are areas around Vienna but I also passed through Wiener Neustadt and they had these things too.
 Think about it, your typical US newspaper box takes coins and once you insert the correct amount you open the locked box and take one paper. But why?  Maybe the US newspaper box is an overkill, it's way to complex.  This is not much different, you insert the correct amount of change, flip open the open envelope and take one paper.
So, this would be a great social experiment.  For example, looking at this Loyalty Box, if the envelope contained 10 papers and the cost of each paper was 2.50 euro, at the end of the day that little coin box should contain 25 euro.  I think this is what happens in Austria but I wonder if this would hold true in other random cities around the world?