Monday, December 9, 2013

Prague Castle

From the main train station, I took the 9 tram, transferred to 22 just before crossing the river and spent most of my full day in Prague at Prague Castle.  I even purchased  the short visit and ended up spending hours here.  First things first, get lost and need to re-route with trams.
 If you get to the castle before noon you can watch the changing on the guards.
 I'm guessing in a change-the-guard contest, Prague Castle would be better protected than Buckingham Palace.
 Changing on the guards is about 20 minutes, if you leave that event a few minutes early you can get an early entrance into St. Vitus Cathedral.
 I visited late November / early December, for photos, I think think light entering the church around 12:30 to 1pm is great.  Probably the best time to visit and take-a-photo.
 Stain glass all over the place.
 The short visit ticket includes 3 or 4 places to visit within the castle complex.  It is more than enough to see, the long visit ticket must take 6 or 7 hours to see everything.
 The main hall.
 Amazing light passing through the south - south - east windows.
 Some windows have filter with a brown yellow glass.
 Stain glass everywhere.

 All over the cathedral were statues and carvings.
 Another location on the short visit was Vladislav Hall, a large hall used for king-style parties.
 The east wall of the cathedral has a Christmas tree.
 This was the last place to visit on the short ticket, at first I though I was scammed because this just looked like another sidewalk. But it turns out this is the Golden lane, a row of old apartments and shops.  Some rooms actually sell stuff and other preserve how the room looked back in the day.  The upper floors of the golden lane contain a guard tower and a bunch of medieval armor and other things made out of tin.
 The view from the base of the golden lane is nice.
 But also the area past the exit of the golden lane provides an even better view of Prague.
 Me at the base of the castle, looking over Prague.  I was lucky to have great weather in Prague.