Sunday, December 8, 2013


Most of my time in the city of Frankfurt was spent at the Christmas market, so I don't have much more to show here, but Frankfurt is a fun and easy city to walk around with a great tram train system. I arrived in Frankfurt late on a rainy evening, as I ran out of the station trying to get to my hotel I was excited to see how nice it looked.  The next morning I work up and went back to the area round the station only to notice that it was just a photo of the original station.  I did not realize it was under covers when I first saw it the evening before.
 Outside the European Central Bank in Frankfurt is a large Euro sign.  I don't think we should let this stand without some sort of US response.  At a minimum we need a large dollar sign, maybe a little taller than this Euro sign, somewhere near Wall Street.  Or even a copy of the Euro sign with a red circle and line through it, we can get creative.
 These ghost were painted on the street outside of a church.
 This plaza is near the Christmas Market, Frankfurt is really easy to walk around.  Even if you think you are loss but  decide to just keep walking, the way the streets are laid out, you end up walking in circles and eventually back where you started.  And you will probably pass this spot 2 or 3 times.
 This is the Frankfurt skyline.  It's the financial center of Europe.
 If you are ever in Europe, Germany or Frankfurt and hungry for Mexican food, you can always visit the new Chipotle near Frankfurt main station inside the Skyline Plaza Mall.  I think if you had a 5 hour layover at Frankfurt airport that would be sufficient time to exit the airport, take a train and get to Chipotle with time to get back to your plane.
 Frankfurt has a great mass transit system, many tram lines.
 This part runs along River Main.
 I thought this large blue sign was a sign for Frankfurt station, but it's actually an advertisement for newspaper company.