Friday, December 6, 2013


I learned from my grandfather that my family came from Karlsruhe before moving around all over Europe and ending up in the upper mid-west of the US.  I visited Karlsruhe for about 36 hours and I hope to visit again, it's a cool city.   First things first, all over the city is art.  I'm not sure what these panels said, but I'm assuming it's art.
 In the center of Karlsruhe is the palace which contains a museum that has absolutely nothing in English.
 Behind the palace is a large garden and forest, this part of the forest is gated off.
 But if you look around a little bit you can find an entrance to the forest and this forest needs a little cleaning up.
 As you exit the palace and head south into the city you enter a large pedestrian area.  There are a couple of US shops and looking in the window you get the idea that US is basically people dressed as Army and playing pool.
 This is the pedestrian area, it's easy to walk around.
 In the southern side of this area is a restaurant called Stovchen, it's kind of local food and beers.
 Very chill atmosphere and good food, I would recommend a visit.
 Another very interesting area to visit is the media museum called .   You are not allowed to take photos inside but this sculpture is outside so I think it's okay.
 This is one of the main plazas, outside the area where Karl Wilhelm von Baden memorial is.
 I was only here for 36 hours, it's really not enough time to visit.
 This is Karlsruhe main station.   It's really nice and it turns out it's not far from the boarder of France.  It's a great starting point for a visit to Paris.
This city feels like home!