Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum is an amazing museum within walking distance of central Amsterdam.  The collection is amazing, and unlike most museums they let you take photos without flash.
 Oh my god, look, it's a Van Gogh. Actually, it's Van Gogh.
 It is rumored that this gun duel set belonged to Napoleon.
 One room was dedicated to the Netherlands Naval history.
 This is just the Netherlands giving away naval technology.
 Inside of the Rijksmuseum was a really cool library.  Looks like a movie.
 This museum contains a large collection of paintings and sketches by Rembrandt, most of his pieces are located within the great hall.  The great hall also has a large collection of stain glass windows.
 The most famous painting at the Rijksmeseum is the Night watch by Rembrandt, you can see the crazy number of people standing in front of the painting.
 You can see the dog in the lower right hand corner, Rembrandt put him there to fill an open space.... At least according to an information card next to the painting.
 This painting is unique in the the person who painted the people to the left of the seven people to the right was a different person.  The person who painted the seven people on the right did not like the style of the guy who painted the remaining people on the left.
 I like this photo, it looks like they guy is looking at my camera.
 This is a self portrait of Rembrandt.
 The museum also had a K-123 plane on display, this is the only remaining copy of this plane in existence.
 I like these old planes.
 I think I could make this thing in a garage.
 Okay, this is me outside of Rijksmuseum, let me explain my haircut.  I got this haircut during my trip to Poland and it looks goofy.  I wanted to ask the Dutch to fix my hair, but because of how it is currently cut I think the only way to cut my hair would just be to make the top length match the side length.  I decided to let my hair grow out a little bit and fix this later.
 Outside the museum was a Tesla Model S, it's the first time I saw this car.  Everyone, Careful!