Sunday, November 24, 2013

Anne Frank House

During my trip to Amsterdam I also visited the Anne Frank House.
Anne Frank was the young girl who kept a diary during the occupation of Amsterdam most of the stories in the diary take place in this house.  When I showed up at 10:15am a line has already formed around the side of the building.
If you have the opportunity to visit the house, I would recommend pre-ordering your ticket online, with a ticket you can walk right up to the front door, ring the door bell and avoid the line.  Also included with the pre-regrestion is a 30 minute discussion (in English) about Anne Frank and the major history around her family. 
In the house you can't take photos, but you can take a photo in the discussion class room.  So I took a photo.  After the discussion is a walk through the house, both the wear house and the hiding place in the annex. The tour is both amazing and sobering.... The walls are covered with quotes from the diary, for me one of the most sad things on the tour was marks where Anne Franks mother kept track of her daughter heights on the wall.  Also on display is Anne's diary.
 This is the Oscar won by Shelley Winters in 1960 for the movie "The Diary of Anne Frank", of course this statue was 'made in Chicago.'
 You can see the house near the base of the church.
 Both the original building and the building to the right are part of the museum now.  If you are ever in town, I recommend going to this museum.