Wednesday, November 6, 2013


On display at the Museum of Polish Military Technology (Sunday --> free) was the Soyuz-30 reentry capsule.  Best of all, you could walk right up to the capsule and check it out, look inside.
This was launched in June of 1978, was in space for almost 8 days, docked with a Russian space station and made 125 orbits.  Things capable of traveling in space always amaze me, it's a awesome structure.
 It also looks like after it reentered earth, they picked it up and moved it to this museum, it still seems to have all the burn marks from that event.
 You can see the heat shield on the bottom of the capsule, I'm guessing it was all orange when it was launched into space.
 The bottom of the capsule has some English, it says "MAN IN SIDE! HELP!"  I'm assuming they put this here just in case this thing came down in Iowa or somewhere outside it's planned landing area.  I wonder if todays Russian capsules still say this.
I kind of think, if needed you could bolt this capsule to a rocket and use it again.  It probably just needs a fresh coat of orange paint on the bottom.  All the parts and systems seem to be here.  The museum has other planes on display too...
This is a YAK-40, this plane use to be a polish VIP transport.  It's NATO nickname is Codling.
This is a Topolev Tu-2, NATO nickname is bat.
 The Tu-2 shows one design concept that makes landing a little easier, just make the floor under the pilot see-through.
 This is the An-26, it's NATO nickname is Curl.
You can actually enter the An-26, the flight deck is kind of busy.  But again, looking at this plane, I think it still works.
On display is a Mikoyan-Gurevich Mig-21, nickname Fishbed.... In the US you can purchase one of these planes on the civilian market, sometimes ebay.