Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Palazzo De Felice

Palazzo De Felice was a small church located within Grottaglie old town, today it's an art and community center.  Grottaglie and Puglia is nice in that historical sites provide information in English and the sign for the church of Palazzo De Felice caught my eye because it helps to explain the Italian floor counting system.
 Reading the sign:
Originally it was only to have one floor, but in 1767 the first floor was added and the facade was rebuilt.
 In Italy, what we would refer to as the first floor in US is actually floor zero.  So if you add one floor to a one floor building, the new second floor is the first floor.  My apartment is on the 4th floor, but actually it's the 5th floor. I'm not sure if Rome or Milan use the same floor numbering system.
I really enjoy the signs in English, I can spend a day walking around 'old towns' and reading these.  You can also see, the plaza around Palazzo De Felice is used for parking at night.  They really need to find new parking spot for historical sites like this...
 Just a note, I installed plugin's for Apple Aperture called the Nik Collection.  It's fun software for processing images, for example making color images black and white.  It works well for photos of Grottaglie at night, everything is lit with this harsh yellow light.  Time to time, I will post images to this blog that were processed using Nik software, but if I start to over-do-it, please let me know. Above was done with Silver Efex Pro 2.