Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dachau Concentration Camp

The second place I visited in Germany was Dachau and the Dachau Concentration Camp, to get to the camp you need to take a bus from Dachau station.  It's about 30 minutes train from Munich.
 Work will make you free.  This phrase is at the entrance to many concentration camps.
 Through out the area around the prisoners barracks are guard towers.
 Between the guard towers and area where prisoners lived was a zone where no one could enter for fear that they might escape.  Part of the electrified wall is preserved.
 The crematorium is also preserved, it's really surreal, difficult thing to see.
 The path that runs down the length of the  prisoners barracks today looks much like it did back in the 30's and 40's, lined with poplar trees.
 All but two of the original barracks are gone, but the foundations still exist.  Each foundation is numbered.
 Two barracks are still maintained, one is used for storage (as seen by looking in the windows) and the other is kind of a museum. The original toilettes and sink also are kept in within this building, you can imagine looking through this window what it must have looked like.  You can still see the foundations.
 Many memorials have been installed at the camp site.
 One memorial said 'NEVER AGAIN', this one documented the years the camp was open from 1933 to 1945.
 Another tower at the south west corner of the camp.
 Getting to and from Munich to Dachau is relatively easy, I would recommend a visit to this memorial.