Sunday, August 25, 2013

Starting a BBQ

This past weekend I had my first roof top BBQ at my apartment in Grottagle.  My landlord, who is also a butcher, gave me this BBQ, now I need to figure out how it works.
 This is the Barbecue Ferraboil Ledro Art. 149, very popular grill in Italy.
 In America typically you use lighter fluid to start a BBQ.  In Japan people tend to use cardboard and paper to light up charcoal blocks.  In Italy people use ITAL FOCUS, it's a block of white something that smalls like petrol.  Directions on the back say: GB: IDEAL FOR FIREPLACE, STOVES, BARBECUES AND OUTDOOR FIRES. Place one or more pieces of FOCUS on the hearth. Ignite it and wait until it is burning well; then cover it with desired fuel (wood, coal, charcoal, etc.) without extinguishing the flame.
 This was how the the kindling started, small flame.
 But a few seconds later the fire started to rage.  This made the following the instructions on the back of the FOCUS box difficult.  Next time, charcoal first, light the white blocks second.
 This is an Italian bag of Charcoal, Fochista BBQ.
 Turns out the FOCUS starter works very well, it took a while to get the coals on-top of the starter but once I did, no problem.
 I wanted to get fish, but the local supermarket only had beef, pork and chicken, so I got beef.
BBQ worked out well, if you are ever in town please stop by for dinner!

My second BBQ, I put charcoal over the starter, not really following the directions that were on the Focus box.
 I position the charcoal over the starter such that a little bit of the starter was visible on the ends.
Yeah, this worked well.  Much safer.