Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bike out of Grottaglie

One of the last things I had in storage and need to put back into service was my green folding bike.  Today I took it out of the folding bike bag, filled the tires with air and checked all the bolts were tight.  Bike passed inspection.
 My plan was to bike to Francavilla Fontana, a town east of Grottaglie and I made a route to get there.  But it turns out that the route I made had a dirt road half way to Francavilla Fontana, so I decided to skip the dirt road and return to Grottaglie.  The white sign with red line through the word 'Grottaglie' means you are about to leave the GRT.   One advantage of this bike is that it does not have a kickstand.  This makes keeping-it-real easy.
 Between GRT and Francavilla Fontana is basically farm land, grapes and olive trees.  I'm not a farmer but it seems like these grapes are ready to pick, turn into wine or raisins.
 All over southern Italy are solar panels and wind turbines.  Very ECO.
 My total trip was 9.6 miles, to avoid to direct sun light I started my trip at 5pm.   August is way to hot for biking during the day, I can't wait for next month when the sun is not so strong.
 One thing I could not figure out, the wall below seem kind of new.  But who ever made it decided to cement in plastic bottles along the top of the wall.  I was wondering why the bottles are there.