Monday, September 1, 2014


I was able to make a quick visit to Copenhagen, my stay in the city was just over 24 hours, I did not even have enough time to visit neighboring Malmo, Sweden.  I never saw this before but Copenhagen has outdoor foosball tables all over.  Since I saw these outdoor pitches, I have noticed them in other cities too, like Zurich.  I guess you need to bring your own ball.
 The Christianborg Palace, the royal horse stables are here too.  The large area in front of the palace is a show grounds and riding school for horses.
 You can get around with a boat.
 The Stork Fountain in the center of the main shopping street in Copenhagen.  This is actually not a good time to visit this city.  They are installing a new subway system (or something) and at most of the major intersections is construction.  The construction also blocks walking paths though out the city.
 Another palace in the city is the Amalienborg, this palace has guards.
 It's a large open area with four building of the same shape in each corner.
 In the center of the open space is another house monument.
 By chance, I visited during changing of the guards, they must do this daily.  If you are going to visit, it would be good to find a formal schedule for this event.
 Nyhavn Street is a small canal lined by restaurants and shops.
 The buildings along the canal are very colorful, looks very dutch.  This was by view during lunch, fish-n-chips.
 Another part of town is the Copenhagen City Hall, this area is notable because of a bunch of crazy statues.
 Not sure what this is.
 The city hall is on the right, it is also a great open space but much of this area is heavy construction right now.
 I thought this was an outdoor photo gallery, but it turns out it's just advertising for Slovenia.
 Bikes are a very popular form of transportation in Copenhagen and much of central and northern Europe.  Some bikes had yellow tape on the rear wheel, I assume this is like a boot, maybe these bike are illegally parked or abandon.
 Fountain of the Golden Apples.
 The main station is very easy to use and right in center of the city.
 The correct spelling of Copenhagen.