Sunday, August 24, 2014


This was the view from my hotel room at the Shelbourne, a historical hotel that dates back to 1928, located in the center of Dublin.
 I ended up not spending as much time in Dublin as I expected too, this was a result of traveling outside of Dublin in Galway and the areas south of Dublin like Greystones.
 This is the exit of Dublin from Heuston Station the morning I traveled to Galway.  The next morning I returned to the same spot, checked my luggage into locker and went to the Guinness storehouse and museum which is almost across the street from Heuston Station.
 The tour offered by Guinness is rather amazing, it's a really thorough account of the history of Guinness and the process to make Guinness. The tour also includes the 9000 year long lease signed by Mr. Guinness for the land the factory sits on.
 A few fermentation tanks.
 The museum part of the tour had really cool model boats, used at one time to export Guinness.
 The end of the tour includes a pint.  As she poured these beers she made the point that these were the freshest two Guinness' in the world.
 The bar is the top floor of the factory, the view looking over Dublin is very nice.  Very relaxing.
 You can see rain off in the distance, almost in every direction.
 Good-bye Guinness factory, thanks for the tour!
 Outside of the factory is Dublin.  This is the Spire of Dublin.  It's a 121.2 meter tall spire in the city center.  A previous monument called Nelson's Pillar was here until it was destroyed by the IRA in 1962.
 You can also see the spire from the O'Connell St. Bridge.  This bridge is notable because it is called the only bridge in Europe that is wider than it is long.
 Daily protest, Dublin says No to almost everything.
 Trinity College campus.
 This is a good place to find shelter when strong rains hits without warring.
 I also made an effort to visit St. Patrick's church.
 The interior is amazing, dates back to 1191.
 Nice stain glass too.
 A statue of St. Patrick.
 A view of the outside of my hotel, the Shelbourne.