Friday, February 7, 2014


The closest airport to Cortina is Treviso, so regardless of rain, if time permits Treviso is a really nice place to visit.  If you set your TomTom to Treviso Piazza Doumo Parking lot, this is where you end up. Treviso is also near Venice, you can catch a bus to Venice from the airport or city.
 Probably one of the best deli's I have found in Italy.  But since I was flying Ryanair I was not able to purchase anything to take home.  Well, I could purchase anything but Ryanair would mark up the baggage check, so forget about it.
 Treviso has a river that runs around and through the city.
 The level of the river seems really high, I'm concern this area might have an issue as the snow in Cortina melts.
 Once it starts raining in this area, it just keeps raining.
 The main church in Treviso is okay with taking photos as long as you don't use a flash.
 A fresco in the crypt of the church.