Tuesday, February 18, 2014

EuroMaidan Protest, Brussels

EuroMaiden is a wave of demonstrations and civil unrest that started in November of last year in Ukraine and is slowly spreading across Europe's larger cities.  Small groups of people gather together to peacefully but loudly protest against the Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych, his government  Russian President Putin's influence and the European Union for standing around and not really doing anything.  This weekend, my foot tour of Brussels ended at the foot of one of the protest that was happening all over Europe on February 16th.  You can see the protest in the distance, towards the end of Mont Des Arts (hill of the arts).
 The crowd was about 50+ people large, people from the crowd were giving speeches.
 Many were holding signs against Yanukovich and Putin.
 The group of protesters was from all over the place.  This speaker was Canadian and confirmed that the people of Canada stood behind the people of Ukraine.
 Many signs were about freezing or stoping the flow of money, but the signs were not clear of to who's money to freeze and in what direction that freeze should take place.  I kind of got an idea that this was a request to the EU in terms of money flowing to the current government of the Ukraine... But I could have misinterpreted this one.  But that makes sense.
 This was a more serious demonstration during the protest.  I think it's a reenactment of an event that happen in Kiev.
 Keeping track of how many days since the start of civil unrest in Kiev, November 21, 2013.
 'Ukraine is feed up with deep concerns', deep concerns is a phrase commonly used by EU foreign minsters in reference to, what the foreign misters refer to as the 'situation in Kiev.'  Listen for this phrase on CNN.
EU flag.  The white and red flag is a little more difficult to explain.  It is the flag of the Belarusian People's Republic, which was a failed attempt to create a Belarusian state.  This attempt happen in 1918, I think they are trying to keep the memory of this action alive. But this government is also still active and in exile in Toronto, CA.
 This was one of the last speeches before the protest ended.
 Everyone disappeared quickly after this speech.