Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Ostuni Bowling Sign

I live in the Italian region of Puglia, the high heel of the boot.  But within Puglia there seems to be a very limited number of bowling alleys. I say this because to find one from where I live in Grottaglie you just have to follow these signs.
Follow the arrow sends you on a 26.8km (16 miles) trip across the heel of Italy, about a 40 minute drive.  Along the route there is about 10 signs that seamlessly guides through and around a couple of towns before reaching the southwest corner of the city of Ostuni.  But this is the problems start, the signs lead you up to the city boarder and end, at this point you are on your own.  From the southwest side where the signs end to the northeast side where the bowling alley is takes about another 20 minutes to find.  On that sign, I could not figure out what Q.Zar is.
Best of all, to get home you just follow signs back to Grottaglie.