Thursday, January 2, 2014


Pompeii is the ruins of an old ancient Roman city that was re-discoved about 250 years ago.  It was lost for a while after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius buried the city in 25 meters of ash in 79 AD.
 The site opens at 8:30am and it turns out arriving at 8:20am is a good idea.  For at least an hour or two you can enjoy Pompeii with very few other people inside the park.
 It's also a good plan to visit just after a rain, makes the sunlight reflecting off the stone sidewalks very dramatic.
 This is an old amphitheater, it's in amazing condition and still used today.  But the seating area also has lights embedded into the stone... so some aspects of this structure is not original in the name of modern day safety.
 This is famous tile work of a dog, it's basically an ancient 'beware of dog' sign.
 Who ever lived here did some amazing tile work, this is looking into the living area where the 'beware of dog' sign is.
... 8:30am... That last time I arrived at a popular tourist spot this early in the morning is when I reached the summit of Mt. Fuji, 30 minutes after sunrise.  :)