Sunday, May 11, 2014

Southern Archipelago of Gothenburg

South of Gothenburg, Sweden's second city, is the Southern Archipelago and the island of Brännö.  The port is about a hour tram ride south from the city center, the Island I visited is another 20 minute ferry ride from the port.
 If you have a Gothenburg tram day pass it also works for the ferry, the timing worked such that as I arrived at the port, the next ferry was to the island of Brännö.  I asked the ticket desk attendant and she recommended this would be a good place to visit.
 Ferry's proudly show the flag of Sweden.
 The ferry makes a few stops before arriving at the port of Brännö-Rödsten, the route to the port passes closely between other islands.
 The island i scattered with cute little homes.
 The ticket office person recommended visiting at least two places on the island, one was a look-out-point and the second was a cafe.  I decided to walk to the look-out area first, just follow the signs to Utkiken... Which I assumes means lookout area.
Atop the hill was this little hut, it was locked.
 But looking inside, the walls are covered with photos and there appears to be a guest book.  I was not able to sign the guest book since the door was locked but if someone visits this place and it's unlocked, please leave a note for me.
This is the view looking out over the sound.
 I was very lucky to have great weather on the my full day in Sweden.  The day before, when I landed it was raining and I believe it was raining for weeks before my visit too.
  Lots of houses have these very artistic mail boxes.
 Also on the island was a museum, but the museum was also closed except for a small closet on the side of the building which contained a bookstore.  If you leave 5 Kronor (Swedish dollars) you can take a book.
 I had only an hour and a half to stay on the island before the return ferry arrived.  If I missed the next ferry it was an additional 2 hour wait for the second one.  After visiting the look out, I went to the cafe but by the time I got to the cafe it was to late to order food.  So i decided to have a local beer and a cookie.
The cafe also had statues of boats and other marine things all over the place.
 The return ferry was different from the one I arrived in.
 Returning to the port of Saltholmen.