Friday, April 4, 2014

Welcome to Glasgow

I made my second visit to Scotland and my first visit to Scotland's second largest city.  As you step off the train from London, first thing you see if Welcome to Glasgow.  This place is at your feet, which could not be more true!
 The Virgin train from London, it's about four and a half hours from Euston Station.  This train is great, the free wifi is about as fast as Italian internet.
 Glasgow central has connections all over the United Kingdom.
 As you exit the station you walk right into central Glasgow and if you exit from the north exit you walk right into the shopping area.
 Everyone likes the pope.
 This is the Art Gallery of Glasgow, I could not tell if the orange cone on the statue was Art, political statement or vandalism.   Or maybe all three.
 America has dollar shops, Japan has hyaku-en shoppu, United Kingdom has the POUND SHOP.
 If spoken in Hiberno-English, this activity would be referred to as 'taking money out of the wall.'
 All over Glasgow, and Europe, are some great murals / graffiti. If you enjoy the Art of the Squirrel, this painting is a must see on anyones European tour.
 Nature and hiking was a theme of Glasgow graffiti.
 Except for this one of a cat who just finished eating a cute bird (seen to the left of this painting).  Bad cat!  Nice Car!
Bridge over the River Clyde.
 This bar was closed during my morning walk through the city, but, what more does a bar need.  
 Never, Never park illegally in Glasgow.  They don't toe your car here, they pick it up and drive it away.  This is why I only Italy, you can park almost anywhere, no one seems to care. I think you could talk your way out of this situation in Italy.  Or at a minimum you could call up someone who knows the guy towing your car.
Glasgow is a great place to visit, very relaxed, but if you only have time to visit one city in Scotland, goto Edinburgh first.