Saturday, June 29, 2013

Street Performers

In Taranto, when the sun goes down the Street Performers come out. 
 The funny thing is, Tanrato and especially the old town of Taranto is not so popular place for tourist to visit. I have the feeling that most people watching are locals who heard some noise and came outside of  their apartments.
 The performers are actually really good, juggling, juggling with fire, making and climbing on towers of chairs and other typical street stuff.
 The fire juggling was kind of crazy, the line between performer and audience was not clear, everyone keep getting closer and closer.
 Great show, this was the central plaza outside the main church in the old town of Taranto.
 He got 4 chairs high.
 That guy had the best view of the show, he should of charged or vended a few local Birra Raffo.
 As the show ended, most of the street performers stood up and lit this place up!
 After the show, my route back to the hotel was through the center of old town, lit by these modified old school lamps.