Sunday, April 21, 2013


Brindisi is a port city on the Adriatic Sea side of the heal of Italy.  I took a train from Taranto and visit Brindisi for a few hours, this is one of the places I'm thinking about moving too.
 I made the error of coming here during the mid-day when most stores are closed and everyone seems to not be outside.
 Brindisi is a fairly major port, from here you can visit other countries.  Many boats run over night trips to counties on the other side of the Adriatic Sea.  I'm not sure if these trips are expensive or not, but it sounds like fun.
 Other than the passenger boats, the port near the city is mostly fishing boats with a couple of Italian Navy ships.  Freight ships are at a port far from the city center.
The small fishing boats seem like they would be fun to cruse around in.  It's difficult to see but there is a small prop out the back end of the boat.  At first I thought they were 'paddle' style boats.
 Graffiti everywhere!
 It's so weird, but it seems like from 1pm till about 3:30 or 4pm there is almost no one walking around.  Cities seem abandoned.
I guess I should also note that most people consider fish from the Brindisi side of the boot to be more safe to eat than fish from the Taranto side.  Taranto is known as a steel mill town and many of the chemicals have washed (or been pumped) into the sea.  Many people have concerns about mercury and other toxins being present in the fish from that side.  After learning this I kind of avoided fish from Taranto.  But I look forward to fish from this side, because I'm sure toxins, water and fish can't flow or swim around the heel over to here!